Taco Mell Inc.

Taco Mell Inc.

There’s a handful of South LA restaurant owners that started making food in their homes, and ultimately into a brick and mortar. The likes of All Flavor No Grease and Mr Fries Man made that leap, as well as the popular Taco Mell in Leimert Park. Taco Mell then opened a second location on April 1 in the Lakewood Mall.
The menu is as South LA as it gets, where an LA-based African-American entrepreneur creates Mexican-inspired food. With a play on corporate chain Taco Bell and owner Jermelle Henderson’s first name, Taco Mell has been operating in Leimert Park since 2015 with made-to-order taco combination plates, burritos, burrito bowls.
Taco Mell started when a 21-year-old Henderson had a new daughter. He started making tacos while working a security job in order to make some extra money. Henderson started making tacos for friends, catering in 2011, then opened up Taco Mell on Crenshaw Boulevard. Mell is now 28-years-old and the a popular spot maintains a healthy catering business.

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  • Address: 127 Lakewood Center Mall, B, Lakewood, CA 90712
  • Phone: +1 (562)-608-5689
  • Instagram: @tmclakewoodcenter
  • Website:  www.tacomell.net
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