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Mile High Cheesecake

As a child, my mom would send me on trips around the country to visit relatives and by the age of 14 I had already traveled to 9 different states and outside the country and through these travels I had gained so many enriching experiences.

I also grew up with family members that were working in the airline industry, like my grandfather who was a airline mechanic, my aunt who was a reservation agent, and an uncle who is a flight attendant. Traveling was a big part of my family lives and being from and center of their travel benefits inspired me to want the same for myself. So naturally I became a flight attendant.

At a very young age I would watch my grandfather cook up his famous enchiladas and salsa and my mother baking her famous pound cakes in the kitchen. I eventually enrolled in California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, where I learned my baking skills.

Over the next 15 years I baked cheesecakes for people all over the country and flew from city to city as a flight attendant. I finally realized that I wanted to contribute more to the world. I knew my talent for baking cheesecakes and my love for travel had to amount to so much more. During my travels I’ve learned 2 alarming situations that were happening with our youth. First, a large percentage of youth living in Los Angeles inner-city had never traveled outside of a 4-5 mile radius.

Taking a 20 to 90 minute drive to the local beaches, deserts or mountains were unheard of. Secondly, more than 50% of youth who age out of group homes and foster systems end up homeless due to lack of life and social skills, education, and employment.

To help this problem, my dream is to develop a social conscience cheesecake company that will give a portion of our proceeds to assist these youth with job training, travel, and cultural awareness.

Mile High Cheesecakes vision is to create a memorable traveling experience for unprivileged youth that will change their mindset of how they view themselves and the world they live in. Ultimately, elevating these youth to be productive members of their community adds value to the world.

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