Levi&Toonk LLC

Levi&Toonk LLC.

Levi&Toonk LLC produces an original board book collection primarily catering to lower elementary gifted children of color. There are very few, if any, board book series’ appealing simultaneously to the intelligence, innocence, and unique cultural perspective of this demographic. There are also no federal education protocols in place to address enrichment and gifted identification for minority children. Our books serve as one solution to these problems. As a Black-owned, women-owned, mother-daughter startup, we aim to showcase a biographical Black experience and bond families through our combination of educational standards, humorous stories, and social themes.

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  • Address : 4492 California Ave., Long Beach, CA 90807
  • Phone : (214) 893 0828
  • Instagram : @leviandtoonk
  • Facebook : @leviandtoonk
  • Website : www.leviandtoonk.com
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