Lasey’s Psychotherapy Services Inc.

Lasey’s Psychotherapy Services Inc.

Monique Gary, founder of Lasey’s Psychotherapy Services Inc.(LPS), understands the importance of living a quality life. She understands that living a quality life starts with being mentally and emotionally sound which is LSP’s foundation for treatment. LPS guides clients in moving away from the things that have put them on a mental/emotional pause (sadness, anger,regret, etc) to engaging with life.

LPS mission is to help people face, overcome and win the internal struggle within themselves. We would be honored to take that journey with you while you’re learning to live in the here and now. It’s time to become the authentic you by overcoming your past, anxiety, fears, and sadness. LPS has the tools and resources to help you achieve that value focused life.

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  • Address : 1232 E Wardlow Rd., Long Beach, CA 90807
  • Cell : 562-205-8846
  • Website :
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