David England Photography

David England Photography

I started taking photos professionally in 2000 with the belief that photography should not have to cost an arm and a leg.  Several of my friends were getting married at the time, and I was blown away by how much photographers were charging.  I was equally surprised with the lack of service and quality they were providing.  I made it my mission to start a business in which I could put the customers’ needs first.  By keeping prices affordable while maintaining exceptional quality and customer service, I have grown my business over the years.  From start to finish, David England Photography is a unique experience.  I strive to capture lasting images for my clients in a fun, easy, and affordable way.  I believe clients should have the right to own their own images.  They should be able to share them with friends and family members as they see fit.  Because no two events are the same, we approach each celebration with a fresh perspective.  Through years of studying the craft of photography, I pride myself in the art of storytelling through photographs.  I love what I do, and I‘ve surrounded myself with a team of photographers who share my passion.  Knowing with each image I’m creating a masterpiece that can be passed down from generation to generation is food for my soul.  My clients are an extension of my family, and when given the task of capturing important moments, I give myself to the craft, and I give my heart completely to the art of photography.

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