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Black Owned Long Beach

Our Team


Shirin Senegal

Shirin is the Executive Director of Ronnie’s House 501c dedicated to economic Inclusion and mental health. Shirin opened the first Business Accelerator in the City of Long Beach focused on Women and Minority Business owners to tackle the inequity for minority owned businesses.   She has supported and advocated for Economic Equity for the African American Community for over 20 years.

Dr. Joni Ricks

Resident of North Long Beach, CA , Joni Ricks PHD is an active member of Long Beach.    Aside from being a mother and wife, she is the Vice President of Deforest Neighborhood Association and a Planning Commissioner for the City of Long Beach which is the 7th largest City in California.

Annie B.

Annie B is a resident of Central Long Beach and a lover of food earning her the Elite Title on Yelp . Annie has been Yelp Eliter #yelpeliteoc for the past three years reviewing food businesses, interviewing them and taking photos to share with other future customers. She is a private Chef and is currently working on releasing a dessert-based product to retail stores.

Steve Neal 

Pastor Steve Neal is previous councilman for the 9th District in the City of Long Beach.

Steve Neal is a  Port of Long Beach Commissioner, President of The Economic Policy Center known as EPIC and President of the Uptown BID.

Dr. Leon Wood (Pastor)

Dr. Leon Wood is the President of Success and Challenges Community Development Corporation.

Dr. Leon Wood


Steve Neal

Dr. Joni Ricks

Annie B

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